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Warrior Rise

I do not know who this word is for, but I must release it. If this is for you, Believe and take action now!

“The devil does not belong in your face! You need to put him in his place!”

Satan will torment you in different ways. He will torment you in your mind and emotions. He will torment you in your body. Anything he can get by with, he will continue to harass you UNTIL! Until what?

UNTIL you get fed up and allow that WARRIOR spirit to rise up and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! JESUS HAS ALREADY CONQUERED SATAN FOR ME!” Let that be your report! It is a good report! You must enforce that conquering with the good fight of faith! Remain strong in faith as you are fully persuaded of what JESUS CHRIST has accomplished in your behalf! IT WAS and IS ENOUGH! He is your complete Victory! He is your redemption! Do not rely on your own strength when enforcing this conquering! “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!”

Today, I speak to the WARRIOR SPIRIT within you to rise up in the name of the Lord! Draw a line in the sand today saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! My friend, You are already the Winner in Christ! The Champion in Christ! The More than a conqueror in Christ! The Head not the tail in Christ! The Above not the beneath in Christ! Within you is the Absolute Life of God! Declare it! Decree it! Prophesy to yourself friend! IF you will believe, you will begin to see a change in your life!