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Time Redeemed

I don’t know who I am speaking to right now, but if this is for you then grab it.

“This is the time to shift your focus. Your focus up to this moment has been on your past and the wasted years that have passed by. You have kept looking back and have grieved over the years you wasted that you could have accomplished much more if you would have received Jesus sooner. Make the shift off the past and the wasted years. Begin to rejoice because you will experience the redeeming of time from this moment out. As you make the shift, it will bring a struggle to an end in your life. Don’t look back any longer. Look ahead. There is greatness of Destiny calling you. You are serving the Great King, The Great I AM. He has redeemed that which was lost. Now take a deep breath, be free and move forward focused on your King and His ordained destiny for your life.” Bless You!