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The New Thing

“I am speaking to some people who are experiencing a “change” due to your God preparing you for a “new Thing” He is ready to do in, with and thru you. You have known that the change was coming; you just did not expect it to come as it did. When the Lord’s Plan is to take you to another place IN HIM and do something New, it calls for a change in your life. THERE IS NO CHANGE WITHOUT CHANGE! Something has to be changed to have change! The “New Things” the Lord has planned for you is greater than what you experienced in the past! Change is inevitable! It is much easier when you do not fight it, but rather embrace it! Embracing it is an expression that you believe in the God who holds your Destiny! People ask for change, but when it does not come in the kind of package they had thought it would come; they fight the change and are most miserable. People want their change to come wrapped in a colorful package with a Big Bow on it. When they open it, they expect it to look like they had pre-conceived it to be! When it doesn’t come that way, they get disappointed and then frustrate the grace that comes with the change. During this time, it is so easy to look back and want to fall back (return) to that which has been familiar to us! Staying with the familiar and not willing to adjust to the change God is trying to make will keep you held back from the NEW He is trying to get you to experience! I will tell you, it is not comfortable when you find the cushion has been taken out of your nest due to change that is happening. The adjustment of change is what is hard. Yet, you must remember God orders your steps. He has plans you have not yet seen, but you must choose to trust Him with your life. This does not always feel good (on your flesh!). Sometimes thru unexpected circumstances, fear will grip you. It brings on an uncertainty of “what now!” You find yourself being pushed out into an unfamiliar place. Into Uncharted waters! Even if things for a season (because of transition) appear to be turned upside down; even a little chaotic and shaky; take heart! Don’t be alarmed! It is a good place to be! You may say “what????” Yes I said it; you heard it right! It is a good place to be! God has you! His eye is upon you! All that is happening is part of preparation for something New in your life! The Lord will never bid you to do something; without giving you the grace to do it! You must choose to believe God and trust Him even when you do not have full understanding of the change that is taking place. When you trust your God, He will move you “forward” into another dimension of His Plan (Jer. 29:11) for your life (or corporately)! You have to be committed to God’s Plan in order to see something New come forth! Anything that is not to be tied to the NEW THING that God is doing in your life has to be left behind! You must be willing to release whatever He requires, so you can move forward; even if it calls for you to go into uncharted waters! Your God has set in motion the NEW purpose, direction and steps to be taken for your life; so the glory can not only be experienced, but be fragranced everywhere you go! Again I repeat, ‘When you are in a transition of change, it is easy to look back and want to fall back (return) to that which has been familiar to us! The Lord did NOT bring you this far for you to return to that which you have been familiar with in your past.’ Let me leave you with this: When it comes to change; learn to REST, but NEVER DETEST the God change happening in your life!”