Inner Circle Ministries
The Power To Overcome Through The Balanced Word Of God!

The Fields Are Ready For You

“Why are you waiting for man (no gender) to give you the platform to preach? The Field is outside the four walls of the House of Worship! Get out there in the fields. They are white unto Harvest! The laborers are few! Will you be a laborer in God’s Vineyard? Create a platform for God to work! He will use you for His glory! Somebody needs you to be obedient so their life can be touched and Transformed! Are you willing to go for the Lord? Are you willing to say what He wants to say through you? Are you willing to loan your vessel to Him so He can use you to flow through to touch somebody else’s life that has been crying out for change? Your ministry is greater on the outside of the four walls of the House of Worship than it is inside! The inside is for you to be TRAINED and EQUIPPED! FOR THE WORK OF THE MINISTRY! The Lord is asking you: “WILL YOU GO FOR ME? WILL YOU ALLOW ME TO FLOW THROUGH YOU SO I CAN SET THE CAPTIVES FREE? WILL YOU GO EVEN WHEN IT SEEMS INCONVENIENT FOR YOU? WILL YOU?” He will show you where the platform of opportunity is if you are willing to say “yes” to Him! If you will be willing to go, you will come in rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves! Go get them! Go to the Highways and Byways. Go to the Marketplace! Go where the people are. Demonstrate the “Love of God” and you will win the Lost! The Kingdom of God is waiting to be released out of you! Go forth in Jesus Name! Signs will follow those who share the Good News and Demonstrate the power of it!”