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Overshadowed By The Goodness Of God

Lord have mercy! What a Presence of God I feel this morning! You talking about Love overshadowing me! Hallelujah!

I need to speak into some people’s lives this morning! This is a NOW season for you. The Love of God is rich in your life! You have not been passed over, even though it seems as though you have! You have stood the test of faith! You will find that the Goodness of God is overshadowing you and you shall begin to experience it on a brand new level in your personal life! In fact, you will testify of God’s goodness that has overshadowed you in an unprecedented way! You have stood back and seen it happen to others and wished it would happen to you! I declare to you that it is your NOW time to experience it for yourself! Heaven is touching earth (YOU)! The glory cloud is over you and releasing some glory in your life! Can you believe? Will you expect it? It is your NOW time and you shall  experience the goodness of God NOW in the land of the Living! If you believe and receive, then you need to shout “Glory, I receive!”