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The Power To Overcome Through The Balanced Word Of God!

Never Under-estimate the Power of God

I was awakened this morning to the deepest Thanksgiving and Praise and Worship in my heart to the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit! All I can say is: Wow! I serve a good, good Father! He had people like me (and You) on His mind when He sent His son to the cross! My life has so drastically changed since I received Jesus as my Savior and Lord! That was the best decision I have ever made in my life! Oh, I must also add that I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit’s abiding and who continues to do a work within me that is mind boggling! I am forever grateful and have to give glory to them (God, the Father; God the son (Jesus); and God, the Holy Ghost. They deserve the Highest Thankfulness, Praise, Worship, Honor and Glory for what has been accomplished through the Cross, Death and Resurrection! And the continuance of change being done in each of US! Have you ever considered how your testimony could impact someone’s life as they hear how your life has been changed? Well, it can impart HOPE and DESIRE to see change in their life when they hear it. Let me give you a little taste of how my life has been changed without going into great detail! God supernaturally delivered me out of an abusive situation after 25 years that I was trapped in. He has also set me free of the spirit of fear; depression; suicidal thoughts; points of death. He has given me miracle after miracle in so many areas: Included in them was a reversal to a bad report diagnosis concerning a disease in my body. My body had shut down where I could hardly function, but God! He brought a documented miracle to a reversal of the diagnosis given. You talk about giving beauty for ashes; My life is living proof of it! He is the PRAYER ANSWERING GOD and MIRACLE PERFORMER! He is the RESTORER for sure! My life is sound! You can trust God and His word! NEVER UNDER-ESTIMATE THE POWER OF GOD! No matter what is going on in your life; Dare to believe that thru Jesus Christ it can be changed! He is enough! Your redemption has been paid in full! It is the Will of God for US to walk in Divine Health in every area of our life: Spiritually, Mentally (Mind, will, emotions), Physically, Relational and Financially. That is OUR Inheritance provided by Jesus Christ!

What kind of change or miracles have transpired in your life because of the LORD, that might bring someone else HOPE? Let it be known!