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Miracles Still Happen

There is an old song that has been around a long time. In fact, we used to sing it in the church I attended. The first one I ever heard sing it was Tammy Faye Baker Messner. It goes like this: “Don’t give up…on the brink of a miracle. Don’t give in…God is still on the throne. Don’t give up…on the brink of a miracle, don’t give up…remember you’re not alone.” Then she also sang another song titled: “YOU CAN MAKE IT.” Both of these songs had such great messages to them.”

At the end of the year 2015, the Holy Spirit kept saying to me that 2016 will be an exceptional year for “great miracles” to be manifested in the lives of individuals and families. That it will be a year of “Great Restoration!” Are you in need of that happening in your life or do you know someone in need of it in their life? If so, then this word should speak volumes to you today as you are reading it.

Is miracles for today? YES indeed! Can the Eternal God you serve work a miracle for you? YES indeed! Is there a situation or circumstance that is impossible for God to work in and bring change? NO indeed! Can you recover all and be restored? YES indeed!

Many times in life, people experience things that are not too pleasant. Sometimes, things that happen causes you to question, “Does God really love me?” “Does He really care? “Does He really see that I am in need?” “Does He really care that I need a miracle?” Many other questions seem to bombard the mind because of the situations of life that never seem to stop pressing you! You know that without a miracle, things are not going to pan out as they should or need to be. In those times faced, there is that temptation to “give up, back off, become bitter and want to take things in your own hands according to how you are emotionally feeling concerning that which is happening!” I know someone is identifying with this today! If it is you, then let this word speak to you.


There are times in life, you, me or anyone else might find themselves facing a situation or circumstance that appears literally impossible to be changed! They are totally out of your control! It presses you to have to believe God for a miracle! Inside, you can know that your God is able and willing to do anything; that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with Him! Yet, the pressure is so great that is coming from all that is happening at the time, that is seems to keep your focus captured on it rather than on the God who can work a miracle for you. Is that you who I am talking to today? Just one word from the Eternal God will release a miracle from Heaven for you to receive.

I need to tell someone today: “Keep embracing your God-given Promise! Do not allow it to slip from you! By God’s grace you can see it come to pass! THERE IS A MIRACLE WITH YOUR NAME ON IT! God’s grace is sufficient while you are waiting on your miracle to manifest! Don’t give up! You can make it with the help of the Lord!”


I must tell you today: “The enemy has played long enough with you! His games are coming to an end! The harassment you have been experiencing is coming to an end! You must believe not only in your God, but must believe Him! He is El Shaddai – the God of More Than Enough! He is your redeemer! Redemption has already been provided for you!” The Eternal God has already made the way for you to cross over! His name is Jesus Christ!

When you find yourself at a place of what I call a “Red Sea” experience (just like the children of Israel found themselves) and you are struggling to cross over to your place of Promise; and it appears the enemy is staying on your heels! Your God has strategies especially for you that will save you from being swallowed up by the thing that looks impossible of changing! Just like the children of Israel experienced, the Spirit will cause everything preventing you from making the crossing have to cease! The miracle for the children of Israel came about by the great strength and power of their God and His ability to work the possible! The end result: Their enemy was swallowed up (drowned)! Their God redeemed (rescued, saved) them! He moved in and kept them from perishing! A great Victory was brought forth!

The Eternal God is no respecter of persons! If He did it for the children of Israel why not you! Your enemy (the very thing that wants to hinder and stop you in your tracks) is going to be dealt with by your God! I encourage you to grab hold of HOPE once again and shift over to FAITH in God and BELIEVE and EXPECT a change to be manifested! Keep persevering in prayer! Prayer brings forth change! Use the mantle of authority given you and begin speaking to your “Red Sea” to part and expect it to so that you can cross over to another place, a different place than where you have been living!” Is it possible? Sure if you will believe God and His word and REST in them! In a moments time, anything can shift to your favor and work to your good! (Jeremiah 29:11) You shall see the GLORY of the Lord come forth! Hallelujah!