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Let Freedom Ring

The Spirit says to His Bride: “Let freedom ring! This is a day of celebrating the Freedom given to you by Jesus Christ! No more shackles, no more chains, no more bondage; today is the day to let freedom ring!” Are you free? You can be! It has been provided for you through Jesus Christ! Let freedom ring! It came to mind just a few moments ago that as I was helping a dear friend of mine move in the last couple of weeks that she had a big liberty bell! Something about it when I saw it! It was beautiful, but it carried such impact about it! I want to tell someone today, that the liberty bell is ringing! Can you hear the sound? It is time for you to be F-R-E-E! Jesus Christ paid a great price for your freedom! By receiving Him as Savior and Lord, you get the benefit of becoming free and enjoying that freedom in your everyday life! I know what it is to be bound and I know what it is to NOW be free enjoying my everyday life in and through Jesus Christ! Receiving Him as my Savior and Lord TRANSFORMED my life through and through. He continues to bring me into greater freedom each and every day! I am so glad I made the choice! Out of all the choices I have ever made concerning my life, the BEST one was when I received Jesus Christ into my life! If you haven’t, you can today! Don’t put it off! Enjoy a life in Christ! No one has done me better than this man! Best decision I ever made! And if you have already received Him, then I encourage you to introduce Jesus to someone else that needs freedom in their life! Let Freedom ring!