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It's Your Karios Time

I do not know who I am speaking to right now, but I need to tell you: “Do not be moved by other people’s opinion of you! This thing going on within you is not about them, it is about you and the Lord! It is about what He is doing within you! It is concerning what He is about to do with you! It is about what He is going to do thru you! Do not allow anyone to play with your emotions as they released their opinions about you. What matters the most important: what God’s opinion is and what He is doing in preparing you for the NEW THING that is on the verge of being publicly displaying to bring much Glory to your King! Hold that head up! Keep those thoughts in check! Do not entertain anything that would hinder what the Lord is doing at this Karios time of your life! It is an appointed time for you to shift into the NEW of what is in-store for you! Others have declare that the Best is yet to come! The new season is ushering in this ‘Best is yet to come’ for your life! Although you feel like and it appears like nothing is changing…nothing is happening; do not be moved by any of that! The UNSEEN realm has much happening and you are about to experience that which you have been carrying within you that you have known was to be! There are Divine Connections taking place and this will influence what the Holy Spirit is doing within you NOW for the preparation of the NEW. Stay on the path of faith and walk therein! Keep your eyes on your King! Listen for every step of instruction! Do not be afraid to move when He says ‘step forward’! Your obedience to heed will be very important and will be the key concerning that which shall come forth to be a Blessing to you and bring much Glory to your King! There is no greater joy than knowing you are pleasing your King by walking in full obedience to the Truth.”