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The Power To Overcome Through The Balanced Word Of God!

Years ago, I heard Dr. Lester Sumrall say that, sadly, too many Christians live and die in their initial revelation of God.  In other words, they never progress very far beyond the door where they came in.  I encourage you to accept the challenge issued by Dr. Bill Means to dare to press deeper into kingdom realities and to begin to experience the Realms Beyond the Gate!

Dr. Jefferson K. Thompson

Fresh Water Ministries, International 

Dr. Means is a teacher, a fellow minister, and a treasured friend. He has the ability to take insight into scripture and bring these concepts to life in a simple and yet profound way for the reader. It is extremely impressive as he takes the deep things of God and makes them practical. Enjoy the journey! — 

Preston Smith 
Lead Pastor, The Bridge Church, Fort Smith

Dr. Bill Means has brought to the body of Christ an in-depth and very informative book that will take you beyond the gate of salvation into the depths of the principles of the kingdom of God. 

Many years of intensive study have brought this book to fruition. I am greatly excited for the body of Christ to receive such great godly wisdom for God's Word and through Dr. Bill Means.

God Bless you as you grow from God's wisdom that has been deposited through Dr. Bill Means.

Pastor Kenny Smith

Greater Dimensions Ministry

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