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The Power To Overcome Through The Balanced Word Of God!

Do You Believe?

“Our God – the Great Jehovah, is always right on time! He is all-seeing and all-knowing and nothing gets passed Him. He knows and understands everything about our lives. He is compassionate toward every need that you, I or any other has. He delights in seeing His Will accomplished in our lives! Did you know it is an established Truth that Healing and wholeness is for you! It is the Will of God for your life. The Lord longs to see His Will come to pass in your life. He delights in seeing your life transformed by His power of the Holy Spirit. Have you been faced with some unfavorable problem in your life that you need to see changed? The Will of God is for your life to be made whole! It matters not how long the problem has existed. Will you be made whole? What does the Word of God (scriptures) say about your situation you have been experiencing? Do you believe what the Word of God says about you and your situation? The written word of God (Logos) is the Mind and Will of God for all! As you read and study the scriptures, it stirs faith within you! Where the God-kind of faith is found, the Will of God has been made known. Anything you find the Lord reveal; His intention is to heal! His intention is to make you whole! His intention is to work His Will within you, so you are enabled to accomplish what His purposes are for your life. The Bible is full of examples of people who faced problems. Some experienced the problem for a short time while others for a very long period of time. Nevertheless, how long is not what matters. What you need to understand is, that the length of time of someone’s problem did not move Jesus at all. What moved Him is compassion. He desired and still desires to see people made whole. His Will is for people to be cured, healed, well and be whole. You will never find in the Word of God where He ever says, “It is too late! It has been going on too long!” No! He continually reminds us, “With Him all things are possible!” And if anyone will believe, they will see that which appears impossible be changed and made possible for a turnaround! Do you need to see some turn around in your life? Could you use a change in some area? Are you a believer? Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Do you believe in what He has accomplished in your behalf? Do you believe His Word? Do you believe it is His Will for your life? Do you believe the LORD said what He meant and meant what He said? His intention for what He did at Calvary was so your life could be whole! Do you believe? He purchased full salvation for you and others. He delights in seeing you believe His word and what He did through the Finished work of the cross, the burial and His resurrection! He paid in full your redemption. You have been redeemed from the curse! You can now walk in the fullness of what Jesus has provided for you! Do you believe? Lazarus had been dead 4 days, but Jesus never said, “It is too late!” No! He said, “If you will just believe, you will see the Glory of God!” (John 11). You will never hear these words from Jesus, “It is too late!” I want to tell you, “He is the On-Time God and He is right on time every time!” Do you believe? Some things are taken care of immediately and others things come through a process. We see this in the word of God. Yet if you keep believing, change does come! There is always hope for change, if you do not back off from believing what God has said in His word! His word is a sure word of prophecy! It does not and never will fail! It is the established truth! Embrace the word! Believe the word! Receive the word! Declare and decree the word! Expect the word to be manifested in your life! Start now if you have not already. Don’t put it off. There is Life in the Word! There is Help in the word! There is Strength in the word! Receive the Word! Take it for yourself! Say, “It is mine in Jesus Name! I take possession of what Jesus Christ has provided for me! It is not too late. I possess what is rightfully mine by faith! It is my inheritance and I embrace it by faith and believe for a manifestation in my life! My problem is changing in Jesus Name because of what Jesus did in my behalf!” The Lord says to you, ‘Live! Be healed! Be whole! Be free! It’s yours NOW for the taking. It is not too late! It is not too late! Embrace My Truth! Let faith arise within your heart! Faith calls those things that are not as though they were. Use your authority I have given you! Align your words with My words, so they produce Life and Wholeness in and for your life!’”