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Do Not Abort the Holy Thing

The enemy has targeted you to try to distract you to get your focus going another direction. He has tried everything possible to get you captivated in another direction. And this has even released some confusion in your life to question the Holy Spirit’s guidance for your life in this New season you have entered in your life. You know the Good Shepherd’s voice! Now just take heed to it! Do not fear of following the strangers voice. You have been in the process to learn to hear and heed the Holy Spirit’s voice. So now do not allow the enemy to confuse you concerning what you have been hearing in your spirit! You are an Overcomer of all things! This too shall pass. The enemy has targeted you to try to get you to “abort” that “Holy Thing” which has been conceived in your spirit by the Holy Spirit. Guard! Do not allow the enemy to pressure you into aborting that which is been placed inside of you by the Holy Spirit! Those dreams and visions! The call, the gifts and the talents! Wake up! Be aware of what is going on! Although this is a season of new beginnings, new things, unexpected miracles; take heed the enemy is lurking to find an open door that he can come in to discourage and divert your focus in another direction. This pressure of the enemy shall pass! It will not be forever. Keep your gaze on the King! He is Supreme and Extreme! He is forever faithful!