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Do Not Abort

I was awaken this morning to this thought that I went to prayer on. Something to think about.

We are hearing much about “abortion” this day and time. We find this subject in the headlines, in articles, on signs, etc. The News has been showing where people are protesting against it. Of course we know that when someone has an abortion (no matter the reason) an innocent life is taken! There is always an emotional trauma that is tied to this action carried out that has to be healed within the individual.

But if I could give you a thought to think about. That which I talked about is natural abortions. But what about all the people in the Body of Christ who are having “SPIRITUAL ABORTIONS?” Not much is being said about that! As a Christian, we should be concerned about these types of abortions too; because that being aborted has life to it also!

In John 10:10 Jesus talks about a thief that would come. Who is the thief that Jesus is talking about? It is satan. His plan is destruction and he accomplishes that through a mission “to steal and kill and destroy.” That is made clear. BUT in the same verse Jesus said, “I came that they (YOU) may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows].” Anything that would be taking LIFE away from you or someone else is from satan the thief, not from Jesus. Jesus is the giver of LIFE, not death!

What is it that the enemy (satan), the thief, is attempting to steal from you? What is it that satan is putting pressure on you to abort in your life? Is it a dream, a vision, a desire, a prayer, a hope, an expectation, a miracle, a healing, a breakthrough, a calling, a ministry, a connection, a marriage, a relationship, salvation for your family, a job, etc.? What is it that you are being tempted with to “abort” out of your personal life?

I must tell somebody tonight, even though the temptation has come “to abort” what has been conceived within you; you must stand strong and resist the enemy of your soul. He wants you to have a ‘SPIRITUAL ABORTION”! Why? Because the thing within you that you are giving birth to is tied to the Will of God and your God-ordained Destiny! Guard what has been conceived! Do not weaken and fall for the temptation you are being pressured with! Stand strong and firm IN CHRIST and continue to embrace the word of God! Persevere in prayer until something changes! Your God is faithful to perform that which He has spoken to be for your life!

Isaiah 66: 9 (AMP) ““Shall I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” says the Lord. “Or shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?” says your God.”

This word is for you who have been feeling the pressure from the enemy to get you to “abort.” I come as a midwife tonight to your side to help you get through this. You will NOT fall prey to the enemy and “abort” that precious living thing within you! It is BIRTHING TIME for you and you are taking on a New Strength to be able to birth forth that which you have been carrying within you! You will begin to hear a New Sound within your spiritual hearing! A sound of PUSH! PUSH! PUSH! IT’S DELIVERY TIME!