Inner Circle Ministries
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Consumed By His Presence

As you can see things are pretty troubling in this world; many sorrows are taking place; it is not as it once was! Yet, I want to encourage you that do not keep your focus on it continually! There is still a great work to be accomplished in and for the Kingdom of God! Keep moving forward in peace and faith. Keep your mind upon the Lord and He will keep you in perfect peace. Don’t allow your faith to be shaken by anything happening in this world. You are not of this world if you are Born Again! Just a reminder, be wise of that which is happening, but do not allow yourself to become consumed by the happenings! Be consumed with the Presence of the King! Stay under the shadow of the Almighty! Keep your trust in Him! He will keep you! Continue to trust and obey and keep moving forward to advance the Kingdom of God! Souls is your inheritance! The heathen has been given to you! Go after them! Heaven and earth Both rejoices over one who comes into the Kingdom of God! Be a fisher of men! Let the King use you for His glory! Be a light among the darkness! Let the Light of Glory shine thru you!