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Conquer the Mountain

Is this word for you? IF it is, receive (take) it. “You have found yourself falling ‘prey’ to satan through all the temptations he brings your way. You need to tell him to go take a hike! He has harassed you. Tormented you. Lied to you. Tried to break you down in every way he possibly could. Tried to convince you that you’re not worthy to call on Jesus. He has tried to keep you bound in guilt and shame. Tried to make you believe that you are nothing but a failure. Tried to get you persuaded there is no hope for change to come in your life. Every time you think you have conquered these things, here he comes again with another temptation. And when you give in to it, then he pushes you farther and farther down into a hole of bondage for a greater condemnation of your heart to manifest. Your life seems to continue to go through this cycle day after day with no relief in sight. You struggle every moment just to find peace in areas because of being bombarded with temptations. Your heart is to do what is right, but you continue to struggle due to not overcoming. I want you to know you are not in this boat alone. There are many others people facing the same things. Some are learning to overcome each and every day; while others are struggling every bit of the way. No matter which of those categories you fall in, I have some wonderful GOOD NEWS for you. Change can come to you by accepting what Jesus has accomplished at Mt. Calvary. You can step out of that private inward prison you have been in! Jesus Christ paid a great sacrificial price for your freedom. His death, burial and resurrection was enough and still is enough and always will be enough to set anyone free including you. The Blood that Jesus Christ shed was enough for you to walk in the fullness of salvation and live a life of wholeness. There is still power in the Blood of Jesus! In the Blood you find saving power; cleansing power; healing power; delivering power; protecting power; keeping power, etc. That covers all that you would need.

Today, begins a new change in your life if you will believe. You have been going around this mountain long enough. It is time to conquer it! Usually, when you get fed up with something being as it is, it drives you to seek out change. It is time to see that ‘cycle’ broken and you live as Jesus Christ intended for you to live! In freedom in Him! Many people have been delivered out of Egypt, but Egypt is still in them; especially, in their thinking. They still have an Egypt mentality! That is why it is so easy to return and allow themselves to go back around that same mountain again and again. It matters not what you have done in your past. Your past is your past and cannot be corrected now. You must have a change in your present behavior, so you can move into your bright future. IF you are a Born Again Believer, the blood of Jesus Christ removed your sin as far as the East is from the West. All the shame and pain and disgrace that was held over you has now been changed. The Blood cleansed you. All your failures before you got Born Again was included in that cleansing. That is no longer being held against you! Now forgive yourself! Did you hear – FORGIVE YOURSELF! Quit reminding yourself of all the past. Do not allow satan to taunt you with it any longer either. It is time to overcome! It is time to take that mountain! Stand upright with your head held high. You are the righteousness of God in Christ! You are not trying to get righteous; you became righteous when you accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord of your life. Let the battle be over! When satan comes lying to and tormenting you; tell him ‘Take a hike in Jesus Name!’ The Blood has made you worthy. Do not entertain the lie of unworthiness any longer. Yes, your own righteousness is as filthy rags; oh but you have now taken on the righteousness Jesus has provided. You are the righteousness of God and worthy to receive all Jesus has done for you. God does not count you out! IF you have sinned (miss the mark), run to the mercy seat and repent. Get it right. Don’t hesitate! Jesus is your advocate (lawyer); lean on Him to plead your case. He has never lost a case and never will! You are a changed person. Believe it! Walk it! Rise Up out of that place you have been dwelling. Rise up to the Higher Life In Christ! Live your life from the Heavenly place you are seated In Christ! It is a seat of authority. You have been given authority over all the powers of the enemy (satan). Put him in his place.  It is time to tell the devil, ‘Take a hike!’ Humble yourself! Submit yourself to God! Resist the devil and he will flee from you! Resist means to ‘stand against, oppose, withstand.” You have power over him, not him have power over you! Turn the taunting on him, He has taunted you enough! Put him in his place! Quit entertaining him in your thoughts! Let him know he is not the boss over your life any longer! Jesus is your Master! You have sweet union with Him, because you are engrafted in Him! Your identity is not found in your past as the old man you were; it is found in Jesus Christ. You became a New Creature (A species that never existed before) IN CHRIST! The Old passed away. All things have become NEW. Now believe that for your life and walk as the New Creature in Christ, not the old sinner you were! It is important to take time to renew your mind with the word of God (scriptures). As your mind becomes transformed by this renewing, it will change your life. Your mentality becomes your reality! Learn to be controlled and led by the Holy Spirit. There is now no condemnation to you who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit! Enjoy your life in Jesus Christ!”