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Break Out Time

Somebody needs to hear this: Many times when you are in the process of preparation it will cause you to feel that you have been put on the side lines and nothing is happening and everything seems dead within you. You will seem to be in an “inactive” state for that season. But the truth is, just because that within is in an “inactive” state does NOT mean it is dead! It is much alive inside! It is just part of the process! It is just you are going through the process of preparation! This must be so MUCH FRUIT can come forth! Development is a necessary thing! Just as the Beauty Butterfly that you see is flying…soaring…displaying its beauty does not mean it did not face process. While it was in the cocoon much was happening! A process of development. But oh when it was time to BREAK OUT of that cocoon and begin to fly and display the beauty of its Creator, it causes people to marvel and awe as they look at its beauty on display! There are some people who have been like the Butterfly in the cocoon. But BREAK OUT is about to happen! And that which has been in process of preparation shall display the beauty of its Creator! This will cause the Creator to be given great Glory from that which will be seen! So rejoice now for what is about to be accomplished because of the process that was happening!