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Astounding Things Are Coming

I need to release a word I am hearing right now in my spirit. You have been waiting with great expectation to what God is about to do for you! You are on the verge of seeing Him do some amazing things that is going to astound you! Are you ready to be astounded? I sure am! Them angels are working in your behalf and hey your God is faithful to His word (spoken promises)! He is hastening His word to perform it for you! Hang in there! This I am speaking of is not a long drawn out wait! Raise your expectancy! Our God is not just able to do exceedingly, abundantly greater than you can even think, ask, dream, vision, expect, etc, BUT He is moving now to cause it to be in your life. Let God have the last word and you will stay encouraged and full of hope (expectation) until the promise is fulfilled! You need to begin declaring out your mouth: “My God is about to overwhelm me with some astounding things!”